Dina brev lägger jag under madrassen (Swedish)

    Dina brev lägger jag under madrassen (Swedish)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren, Sara Schwardt
    Publisher:Astrid Lindgren Text

    "During her work organizing Astrid Lindgren's archive, Lena Törnqvist traced this unknown exchange of letters, which turned out to consist of approximately 80 letters between a young girl, Sara, and Astrid Lindgren.Neither of them understood that there was a difference of more than 50 years in age. It was two ""kindred souls"" who exchanged thoughts about life, love and how difficult it is to be human."Dearest Astrid!We who promised not to show each other's letters to anyone! And now it will become a book. I don't dare think about what Sara, 13, had gotten up to. Anyone will be able to read. All that was just between us. It would be interesting to know what you thought of it. You don't get a chance to either censor or edit. Now it will be as we said at the Bible school in Orsa: Everything must come to light!Sara Schwardt""The book attracted a lot of attention when it was published. The rights have so far (2018) been sold to the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Georgia, Japan, Norway, Poland, Russia, Germany and Ukraine.In 2017, a standalone sequel was published by Sara Schwardt: ""Dear Astrid, it's me again""."Straight through the 80 letters, Astrid Lindgren gives Sara self-respect precisely by assuming that this 12-year-old can handle hearing what she answers."Åsa Beckman, DN"You don't just read this book. It happens, it is an event.”Ylva EggehornEditor: Lena Törnqvist"

    Dina brev lägger jag under madrassen (in Swedish)

    Dina brev lägger jag under madrassen (in Swedish)

    Astrid Lindgren

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