Die Brüder Löwenherz (German)

    Die Brüder Löwenherz (German)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Illustrator:Ilon Wikland

    One comes to Nangijala, the land of campfires and legends, when one dies. Jonathan tells this to his little brother Krümel, who is terminally ill. How can life be so cruel to let some people die before they are ten years old , Krümel asks himself. I'm sure you'll have a good time, says Jonathan with conviction. In Nangijala you experience adventures from morning to night, and at night too. Because all legends happen in Nangijala.Translator: Anna-Liese Kornitzky

    Die Brüder Löwenherz - German

    Die Brüder Löwenherz - German

    The Brothers Lionheart

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