Astrids bilder (Swedish)

    Astrids bilder (Swedish)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren, Jacob Forsell, Johan Erséus, Margareta Strömstedt
    Publisher:Max Ström

    The true story of Astrid Lindgren is as fantastic as the stories she wrote herself. The girl from the country leaves her childhood playground, gets pregnant by a man she doesn't want to know about, runs away from her hometown and has to leave her son behind. She starves in the big city, gets married, tells fairy tales, starts writing and becomes the most loved writer in the country. Her books are read all over the world, she is showered with gold coins and prizes, overthrows a government and influences laws, but remains at heart and soul a peasant girl from Småland. This is the story of Astrid Lindgren's life - in pictures.

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