Astrid Lindgren. Ihr Leben (German)

    Astrid Lindgren. Ihr Leben (German)

    Author:Jens Andersen

    In this first comprehensive biography after Astrid Lindgren's death, Jens Andersen looks behind the facade of global success and tells her life in a new way.

    A sensitive and respectful biography that shows us the person Astrid Lindgren, the world's most famous storyteller, an important political author and campaigner for human rights. Astrid Lindgren's extraordinary career as a writer began in 1945. Pippi Longstocking was followed by books that revolutionized children's literature - and made their author a legend during her lifetime. In 2002, Lindgren died at the age of 94; she was known as a committed woman who stood up for peace, justice and children's rights. In his award-winning biography, Jens Andersen tells »her work and life in a frighteningly new way« (SZ). For years he studied unpublished sources, and this is how an author has her say who not only celebrated worldwide success, but also knew loneliness and sadness and was plagued with feelings of guilt all her life because she had to place her illegitimate son with foster parents. At the same time, however, Jens Andersen tells a story of modernity and modernization – Astrid Lindgren, who lived through and helped shape the 20th century, becomes an admirable icon of the century of equality. (in German)

    Translator: Ulrich Sonnenberg"

    Ihr Leben Pocket - German

    Ihr Leben Pocket - German

    Astrid Lindgren

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