Astrid Lindgren – En levnadsteckning

    Astrid Lindgren – En levnadsteckning

    Author:Margareta Strömstedt

    When the first biography of Astrid Lindgren was to be written, Margareta Strömstedt took plenty of time to go around the parishes around Vimmerby and look for places and people connected to Astrid Lindgren's childhood, to her relatives and family. She spoke to schoolmates, old friends , people who worked on the Näs childhood farm, cousins, aunts and nephews. But above all, she spoke to Astrid, and became a close friend. For three decades, Margareta Strömstedt was Astrid Lindgren's friend, had constant conversations with her and also had access to her hidden room She tells a story no one else could have told.A revised and expanded edition was published in 1999.

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