Astrid Lindgren - Ein Lebensbild (German)

    Astrid Lindgren - Ein Lebensbild (German)

    Author:Margareta Strömstedt

    "World-famous and loved by everyone! That's exactly what she is. And rightly so: Astrid Lindgren. She is a part of our lives. Generations have drawn joy and strength from her books. For three decades, Margareta Strömstedt, journalist and children's book author, has countless intensive Had conversations with Astrid Lindgren and got access to the hidden sides of this personality. In this book Margareta Strömstedt has compiled the result of her conversations with the great author. Much is known about Astrid Lindgren's childhood, but what happened when she grew up? Astrid Lindgren as an opinion leader, her international importance and her fame, her relationship to language and the power of her language - together with quotations from Astrid Lindgren's letters, which she wrote home from Stockholm during her first difficult years, and quotations from her war diaries, the biography of a unique people and a unique poet.The original biography with numerous photos and illustrations.Translator: Birgitta Kicherer"

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