Als Tjorven einen Seehund bekam (German)

Als Tjorven einen Seehund bekam (German)

Type:Picture Book
Author:Astrid Lindgren
Illustrator:Maria Nilsson Thore

It's slowly getting warmer on the small archipelago island of Saltkrokan, and the Melchersson family is visiting the island. Of course, Tjorven and her family are also there, as is Södermann and his granddaughter Stina. The children play with their animals all day: Pelle with his rabbit Jocke, Tjorven with her dog Bootsmann and Stina with her raven Kalle. Then Tjorven is also allowed to take care of a young seal and feed him with the bottle. But what does Bootsmann say about the fact that Tjorven is so busy now?Release date: 08.05.2021Translator: Thyra Dohrenburg

Saltkråkan illustration Maria Nilsson Thore

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