Approval process

From idea to finished product – as Licensor, The Astrid Lindgren Company is involved in every step of the process, giving comments and approvals. In order for both parties to be satisfied with the end result, it may be necessary to work through each step more than once.

In addition to products, the Astrid Lindgren Company also needs to approve promotional material. This includes for example advertisements, press releases and special in-store display materials. Listed below are the steps for the various processes. We use a digital approval system for each step. Every licensee has their own account where they log in.


The licensee uploads the product concept in the approval system. The Astrid Lindgren Company comments and approves via the system.

Pre-production sample

When the concept is approved, the licensee sends a physical sample of the product to the Astrid Lindgren Company, and sends a notification in the approval system that the sample is sent. The Astrid Lindgren Company comments and approves via the system.

Final sample/production sample

When the pre-production sample is approved, production can start. The licensee sends samples (number stipulated in the license agreement) to the Astrid Lindgren Company.

Expect around 5 working days for the Astrid Lindgren Company to comment on or approve of concepts and samples.

Pippi produkter licens

How we work with product licensing

Our products need to be of good quality, price point, and design, in line with Astrid Lindgren’s work. It is important to us that the production is done in a sustainable way, both socially and environmentally.

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