Pippi Langstrumpf - Heldin, Ikone, Freundin

    Pippi Langstrumpf - Heldin, Ikone, Freundin

    Author:Astrid Lindgren

    A feast for all Pippi fans: the Coffee Table BookPippi Longstocking: Children's favorite for 75 years! But the girl with the red braids has long since conquered the hearts of adults, she is a cult figure and role model, her philosophy of life is on everyone's lips and part of our everyday world. In this book, well-known personalities, Pippi friends and connoisseurs tell what they love so much about Pippi. We look at the Pippis all over the world and learn exciting things about Pippi when she was young and Pippi today.Release date: 04/20/2020

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    “If you are very strong, you must also be very kind.”

    The narrator in "Do you know Pippi Longstocking?"
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