Pelle hittar en önskesten

    Pelle hittar en önskesten

    Type:Picture Book
    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Illustrator:Maria Nilsson Thore
    Publisher:Rabén & Sjögren

    Welcome back to the Salt Crow! To the archipelago idyll and summer adventures with Pelle, Tjorven, Boatman, Melker and the others.One day the fog is thick over Saltkråkan. Teddy, Freddy, Johan & Niklas have gone out on the lake early in the morning to take up nets. When Tjorven wakes up and discovers that they took Boatsman with them, she becomes angry as a bee. With the help of Stina and Söderman, she manages to get through the day after all, but the worry about Båtsman increases as the fog thickens. Melker cries with worry and Tjorven gets angrier and angrier. How will they find their way home in the thick fog? Luckily, Pelle finds a wish stone on the shore, maybe it is thanks to it that the boat finally finds its way back to shore.Pelle finds a wishing stone is the third picture book about life at Saltkråkan. For Astrid Lindgren's story, Maria Nilsson Thore has created lovely, funny pictures with a nice archipelago feel.

    Picture book Sea Crow Island Pelle finds...

    Picture book Sea Crow Island Pelle finds...

    Seacrow Island

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      Saltkråkan illustration Maria Nilsson Thore

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