Kati i Amerika (Swedish)

    Kati i Amerika (Swedish)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Illustrator:Margit Uppenberg (Gobi)
    Publisher:Albert Bonniers förlag

    The year is 1950, just after the war and of course it is an adventure to get out into the world, to America, the great country in the West. Kati is curious and happy with life, looks at everything new with a fresh and unfazed eye. Imagine being able to go and pick up their own goods in a supermarket, in the middle of the night if that were the case! Imagine sitting in a drugstore drinking coffee and talking to friendly table neighbors in all simplicity! And all the cars, the Americans are possibly getting atrophied legs, Kati thinks.Kati i Amerika was the result of a trip to America that Astrid Lindgren made on behalf of the newspaper Damernas Värld and Albert Bonnier's publisher. There were two more books about Kati at Bonniers.The books about Kati are no longer in print, but they can be read at the Literature Bank.

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