Från snickerboa till Villa Villekulla (Swedish)

    Från snickerboa till Villa Villekulla (Swedish)

    Author:Johan Erséus, Petter Karlsson

    A book about Astrid Lindgren's films. Is it true that Pippi's horse Lilla Gubben was sedated during the filming? That the monster Katla after her career in the Lionheart Brothers was locked up in Långholmen's old prison? And that Pig's Knuckle ended its days on a West Swedish Christmas table?Authors Petter Karlsson and Johan Erséus have interviewed film people, rummaged through archives, looked for old filming locations, searched classic outhouses, unearthed forgotten notes from Astrid's own pen and asked questions about the most beloved fairytale characters of our time.It became a heartbreaking story about how these small and large personalities were born. How to find actors, robber barons, farmhouses, horses and seals. And how it went about creating hideous monsters, inquisitive butt goblins, flying fatties and classic film songs.

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