Die Kinder aus der Krachmacherstrasse (German)

    Die Kinder aus der Krachmacherstrasse (German)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Illustrator:Ilon Wikland

    "Jonas, Mia and little Lotta live in a yellow house on Krachmacherstraße. They have more fun every day than almost any other child. Dad claims Lotta is as stubborn as an old goat. And she has ideas all the time. Once she hangs Pancakes in a tree, where they flap like leaves in the wind, so that Lotta only has to bite into them when she's hungry."I'm playing, I'm a little lamb that grazes in the forest".Translator: Thyra Dohrenburg"


    “It’s funny, how many things I can do.”

    Lotta, in Lotta's Christmas Surprise
    Bok läsning

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