Astrid Lindgren - Bilder ihres Lebens (German)

    Astrid Lindgren - Bilder ihres Lebens (German)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren

    A journey of discovery through a century: Astrid Lindgren's life in photographs.The story of Astrid Lindgren's life is as fantastic as her stories: the country girl leaves the paradise of childhood, has an illegitimate child, starves in the big city, gets married, begins to write - and becomes the most famous children's book author in the world. She is showered with prizes, overthrows a government and influences laws. But despite everything, she will remain a farm girl from Småland at heart all her life. The photo book shows many previously unpublished photographs from Astrid Lindgren's private albums, documents the stages of her life and invites you to discover a unique person - a "wonderful woman who liked being photographed and was often visibly amused" (Jacob trout).A treasure trove not only for Lindgren lovers, a private and very personal document of time and life with many previously unpublished photographs.Translator: Angelika Kutsch

    Astrid Lindgren - Bilder ihres Lebens - German

    Astrid Lindgren - Bilder ihres Lebens - German

    Astrid Lindgren

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