Bild från teaterföreställning, Dunder-Karlsson och Blom


Every day Astrid Lindgren’s work is performed on a theatre stage somewhere in the world. It was Astrid Lindgren who wrote the scripts to many of the stage versions of her books. She was passionately involved in the plays and had strong opinions about the way they should be performed in order that everything was done as well as it could be. To pursue this level of quality is one of our missions.

Apart from Astrid’s own theatre scripts there are many others who have adapted her books. Most of her stories are available as scripts for the stage, in one or more approved versions. Some scripts have been specially commissioned to suit children’s drama groups or amateur theatre companies with many actors.

You can put things in a book that o n l y children are amused by. You can certainly also have in it things that both children and adults enjoy, but you must never put things in a children’s book that amuse only adults. That would be rude to the child – who is going to read the book.

Astrid Lindgren