Böcker av Astrid Lindgren


From Pippi to Ronja - everything began with the books and in the end it all added up to 34 chapter books, 41 picture books, numerous anthologies and all kinds of collections. Astrid’s last great novel was Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter, published in 1981. Today almost 3 million Astrid Lindgren books are sold worldwide every year. It is a sign of quality and timelessness that an author’s work continues to sell in such great quantities, despite no new stories being written. Astrid Lindgren created immortal characters that continue to captivate. We actively work on publishing new editions in new markets in order that readers may continue to discover her stories.

Texts used in anthologies and textbooks

We often receive requests for permission to publish excerpts from Astrid Lindgren’s writing in textbooks and anthologies. We are happy to grant these on the condition that the excerpts are reproduced word for word from to the originals. It is the originality of the author’s language and her way of expressing herself that make the books and the characters what they are. Astrid often spoke about the miracles that take place in the mind of a child when they’re reading. We want the readers of Astrid Lindgren’s books to have the chance to create their own miracles, and to read the stories in the author’s original versions.

If you want to publish texts by Astrid Lindgren as part of an anthology remember that:

  • The text needs to be reproduced in full, and unedited.
  • It is not permitted to use the text in order to promote a message different to Astrid Lindgren’s own.
  • It is not permitted to use the text for pedagogical reasons other than reading.
  • The Astrid Lindgren Company must approve the publication.

The Publishing Department at The Astrid Lindgren Company