Approval process

From idea to finished product – as Licensor, The Astrid Lindgren Company is involved in every step of the process, giving comments and approvals. In order for both parties to be satisfied with the end result, it may be necessary to work through each step more than once.

In addition to products, The Astrid Lindgren Company also needs to approve promotional material. This includes for example advertisements, press releases and special in-store display materials. Listed below are the steps for the various processes.

New product

  • Presentation of product
  • Draft
  • Product sample
  • Sample for final approval
  • Reference samples

New production of existing product

  • Draft (again)
  • Sample for final approval
  • Reference samples (same number as for the first production and according to agreement)

Other approvals

(e.g. promotional material)

  • Written presentation
  • Draft/text
  • Reference sample (if requested)

Procedure for sending drafts and samples

  • All materials subject to approval by the licensor must be delivered at least five days before the decision is needed.
  • The licensee should always notify via email the person(s) responsible that material has been sent, regardless of whether it has been sent digitally or physically.
  • The subject line of the email should be the same as that of the attached file. The name should be based on product, illustration or colour.

Regular meetings

To ensure successful cooperation, the licensees and licensors need to meet regularly for the following purposes:

  • To discuss ideas and designs for new products
  • To follow up on existing products and sales
  • To plan marketing activities

Ideally, these meetings should take place twice a year.

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