The Astrid Lindgren Company

The Astrid Lindgren Company manages all the rights to Astrid Lindgren’s works. Astrid Lindgren’s stories and characters come to life through the books, the films, the plays, the toys and through everything else that our fantastic partners do.

Here at The Astrid Lindgren Company we work together with publishers, film companies, TV channels, producers and designers from all over the world. There is a great interest in using Astrid Lindgren and her work in all kinds of contexts. Our goal is to keep her values alive in our daily work; putting children first, having the highest quality in everything we produce, being honest and respectful to the world around us, staying curious and open to people and ideas, being reliable, professional, and above all keeping that quintessential ‘Småland’ common sense.

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You are very welcome to contact us at The Astrid Lindgren Company if you have any questions or ideas concerning Astrid Lindgren.

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