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When some people think you are big and some think you are little then perhaps you are just exactly the right age.

Lisa, The Children of Noisy Village

You can put things in a book that o n l y children are amused by. You can certainly also have in it things that both children and adults enjoy, but you must never put things in a children’s book that amuse only adults. That would be rude to the child – who is going to read the book.

Astrid Lindgren

And so I write the way I myself would like the book to be – if I were a child. I write for the child within me.

From the newspaper Expressen, 6 Dec 1970

What should a good children’s book be like? If you ask me, I can tell you after thinking long and hard: It must be good.

From A little conversation with a would-be children’s book writer, from a magazine called Children & Culture (June, 1970)

Give the children love, more love and still more love – and the common sense will come by itself.

Astrid Lindgren in a debate concerning the rights of children in the magazine “Husmodern” (“The Home-maker”) 1948.

We all desire peace. So is there any possibility at all of our changing fundamentally, before it’s too late? Of our learning to distance ourselves from violence? Of our trying quite simply to become a new kind of human beings? But how could we go about that, and where should we start? I believe that we should start from the bottom. With the children.

from Never Violence!, the speech Astrid Lindgren held when she was awarded the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade in 1978