Astrid Lindgren Company

Ronja, the Robber's Daughter


Chapter book
Astrid Lindgren
Patricia Crampton
Katsuya Kondo
Oxford University Press

“On the night that Ronja was born a thunderstorm was raging over the mountains, such a storm that all the goblinfolk in Matt’s forest crept back in terror to their holes and hiding places. Only the fierce harpies preferred stormy weather to any other and flew, shrieking and hooting, around the robber’s stronghold on Matt’s mountain.”

Ronja’s life as a child is off to a grand start. And it turns out being a battle for peace and justice – a battle fought together with the robber’s son Birk.

New illustrations by Katsuya Kondo from the animated series by Studio Ghibli.

"Katsuya Kondo’s soft sketches are interwoven with this bold, invigorating story..."
The Guardian