Astrid Lindgren Company
Mini Grey illustrated edition of Pippi in the South Seas

Pippi Longstocking in the South Seas


Chapter book
Astrid Lindgren
Susan Beard
Mini Grey
Oxford University Press

In this third book about Pippi, the children are searching for a “snirkle” and organise a quiz – Pippi-style! Tommy and Annika get to go with Pippi to Koratuttutt Island in the South Seas and Pippi conquers the villains who want to steal the pearls that the Koratuttutt children play marbles with. Finally, they eat squiggle pills – then they’ll never have to grow up.

In 2020, a new edition of the book was published in the UK by Oxford University Press, with illustrations by Mini Grey. This edition also has a new translation from Swedish by Susan Beard.

The Pippi Longstocking books are published by Viking/Penguin Random House in the US.