Astrid Lindgren med duva

Astrid Lindgren’s legacy

Despite it now being many years since Astrid Lindgren passed away she most definitely still lives on amongst us. We read her books, watch her films, and sing her songs. Many are the quotes that have found their way into our vocabulary and her values still shape our understanding of what’s right or wrong, good and evil. Her importance to our society cannot be overstated.

Many now living authors, playwrights and filmmakers have been inspired by Astrid Lindgren’s oeuvre and she is often recognised at literary, theatre or film festivals around the world. Since Astrid’s death several books have been written about her or her work, there have been documentary films made and exhibitions held, several prizes have been created in her honour, streets have been named after her characters, and in several places there are Astrid Lindgren statues.


I want to write for a readership that can create miracles. Children create miracles when they read.

From “That’s why children need books”, the speech Astrid Lindgren held at the reception of the H C Andersen Award in April 1958.

"What’s particularly good about the SOS Children’s Villages organisation's way of taking care of orphans is that the children make their own, lasting families. They get a new mum, often for the rest of their lives, and new siblings who have also come as orphans to the village. The village is not too big with its twelve family houses. The children are safe there. They have a good school and a doctors’ clinic that children and sick people from the neighbouring villages can also attend. Furthermore SOS Children’s Villages have a program that supports poor and needy families outside of the village, in order to prevent more children becoming orphans. A SOS Children’s Village really changes the situation for a whole community", says Karin Nyman, Astrid Lindgren’s daughter.

The Central African Republic, one of the poorest countries in the world, was chosen as the location. The country has a great number of orphans, who urgently need the love and care that SOS Children’s Villages provide. A good place for Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s Village!

Astrid Lindgren’s first children’s village was built in Bouar and was completed in October 2009, when the children and their mothers began to move in. At the inauguration it was decided that another children’s village was to be constructed in Astrid Lindgren’s honour, ‘Bullerbyn’ in Togo. Its official opening will take place during the spring of 2019.

Milestones in Astrid's life


The Astrid Lindgren Archive at the National Library is added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The centenary celebration of Astrid Lindgren’s birth is given attention all over the world. Astrid Lindgren’s Näs is opened and includes a new exhibition hall adjacent to the old Vimmerby parsonage. Her childhood home is opened to visitors.


The Astrid Lindgren Archive at the National Library is made accessible for research.